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Nurse the Nation Website proves big hit

Nurse the Nation has attracted extraordinary interest since last month's official launch.

The initiative was created to recruit travelling and holidaying nurses and midwives for short-term employment around Australia and New Zealand.

The Nurse the Nation website has recorded more that 130,000 hits in its first month of operation, with more than 100 nurses and midwives registering their interest.

Nurse the Nation creator Caroline Hudson, Executive Director of People and Learning at Mater Health Services Brisbane, said all parties involved were very excited about the initiative's potential to help nurses further their career, and earn some money while travelling.

"The program will also help participating hospitals and aged-care facilities maintain the staff numbers they need to continue providing quality care to patients" Ms Hudson said.

"We also encourage nurses who work full-time at a Nurse the Nation member organisation to apply for a short-term clinical placement at another facility, to gain experience and see another part of this great nation, before going back to their original organisation."

Penny Wright, a Registered Nurse from Brisbane, has started her Nurse the Nation journey and is reaping the benefits.

"Nurse the Nation has given me the opportunity to travel around Australia and continue developing my career" Ms Wright said.

"I've already picked up a few extra skills working with new people in a different hospital and I've got to see some sights along the way. I can't wait for the next stop!"

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